Keeping Occupied, Pt. 1

Death usually never bothered me, with one exception. There was one day I was more afraid than any other. There was one day when the deaths I witnessed seared my very soul and left scars which still haven’t healed. This … Continue reading

Critical Role: A Forgotten Exandrian Tale Episode 1 Part 1: Mercered

Authors’ Notes Prologue Gods, they stick their noses wherever they please, and none too subtly screw over their mortal pawns as they so desire. Some of the more benevolent gods are nice about it for the most part, while some … Continue reading

The Fear of Falling

The first time, she’s stumbling into a courtyard with dread clenching her chest, silence echoing her scream. Her palm is sweating against her bow, but the hand nocking the arrow is steady. She knows, in a sick-sure way, that it … Continue reading

Uni of Emon

1. The time Vax got a tutor “Hey, I’m back.” “Oh, hey. How was it? Did you get a good tutor?” Vex asks him as she continues tossing Trinket his ball. “Yeah, he’s okay. He seems to know a lot … Continue reading